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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things to Think About Today....

Have you ever had Top Ramen for breakfast?  It's the best.  Cook it in a saucepan and eat it right from the pan, yes sir, that's the proper way to eat it.  I started eating Top Ramen in the pan sometime when I was in junior high school.  Can you think of a better $.20 meal?  OK, sometimes it's $.29 when it's not on sale but seriously, what can you buy these days for $.29?  Cup O Noodles is $.50 and you only get half the noodles and a pea, a couple kernels of corn, and sometimes a spongy floating mystery thing.  That's a rip off!  Well, I guess you get to keep the cup.  That's something.

And did you know they renamed "Cup O Noodles" to "Cup Noodles"?  Whassup wid dat?  That's not only poor English but it doesn't make sense.  Dropping the "O" opens up a giant can of worms.  I mean can worms.  See what I mean?

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