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Friday, June 18, 2010

Puppy Facebook

Facebook is a funny thing.  Let's face it, at least half of the attraction is looking at pics of old friends and being able to say that they look horrible - much fatter, much grayer, much older than you.  And you with with the profile pic of yourself from the 80's, you're not fooling anyone!  Mullet in 2010?  You still got my Culture Club tape?

But what if puppies had Facebook?  How cool would that be?  The other day poor little Andy had to go to the vet to get "fixed".  When we were picking him out there were two pups that caught our eye. We tormented back and forth on which pup to pick, wondering which one would be the best. "Peanut" was a golden lab colored cutie, and "Pinto" was the, well, pinto bean colored one.

Guess who we run into at the vet?  A golden colored dog that looked surprisingly like Andy.  Turned out Peanut, now better known as Lucas, was getting "tutored" on the same day.  The pups had a great time reminiscing about their 13 siblings, compared notes on how life's been treating them (surprisingly well, btw), and promised to keep in touch.  And they both looked fabulous, as they say.  A little older and a few more wispy whiskers, just like Mom.

Sometimes things work out just fine.

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