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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Healthy Eating at the San Diego Fair (and other fairy tales)

Last year I had Fried Frog's Legs at the fair and they sucked.  Battered toothpicks would have been easier to eat, and meatier too.  I decided to pay closer attention to my food options this year.  Hot dog coated in hash browns and deep fried?  Battered fried potatoes with nacho sauce and topped with Ranch dressing?  How about Fried Butter?  I know, it all sounds good.  Wait, for reals?

I've been floating this idea around for what would make a great fair food.  How about deep fried chicken skins?  A whole bag of them!  With spicy seasonings and dipped in Ranch?  Come on, you know you would order them.  I had some friends over for lunch the other day and the healthy eating guy who really only eats healthy when his wife is watching but otherwise eats like he's still living in Texas pulled off his chicken skin, which was promptly snatched by the guy sitting next to him quicker than a lizard's tongue grabbing a moth.  "WHAAAA????!!" he exclaimed!  He wasn't tossing the skin, he was saving it for the last savory bite.  See, chicken skins would be BIG, BIG, BIG!  And it's my idea, you heard it first at Local Wally.

I was really interested in the pork chop on a stick, but then I started thinking that maybe it was just a pork chop...on a stick!  Maybe if they wrapped turkey skin all around it and deep fried it.  Wait, a big bag of Fried Turkey Skin for the health conscience!  Damn, I'm onto something here.  With a butter dipping sauce?  Mmmmm.  Anyway, whas wid Tasty Chips charging $6 for a basket of fried potato chips?  $4 for an ear of corn?  Don't those things grow in the dirt?  Maybe they're organic?  Yeah, that's got to be it.

I settled for the fried chicken at the BBQ place - you know, the big BBQ place. I know it wasn't on a stick but it had fried chicken skin right on the chicken so I knew it would be good, and it was.  And since everyone wants a tip, for a mere $7 you get a basket of fries with a wing (the complete wing, not a wing part which is totally cheating), a breast (super moist), a drumstick (can't complain), and an extra juicy (greasy) thigh that dang it if my wife didn't grab and then try to wipe the grease off of it!  Luckily, she pulled the skin off which I grabbed faster than Andy the puppy.  Mmmmm.  Wow, another great idea - once the Bag of Skins fad dies down, I'll move to DEEP FRIED BATTERED CHICKEN SKINS, like fried chicken only without the meat.  Let me know if you want franchise information right now!

Sadly, the rest of the fair was a huge disappointment since the Lady Who Collects Cat Whiskers Collection was not there.  Maybe she ate too much fried food.

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