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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Man's Trash is Now My Trash

How do I get myself into things like this?  I'm minding my own business when I find myself at a garage sale looking at a box of beat up 45's.  I dig a bit and, damn, are those Beatle 45's?  CCR?  Sam & Dave?  I'm thinking to myself I found the motherlode.

"How much?" I ask.  (Pleeease don't say $100, please don't say $200!!)
"How much do you want to pay?  I don't know how much they're worth" she replies.  (devil ears start growing)
"I dunno, I mean, these are pretty trashed...." I respond (Pinnochio nose growing)  "I guess I'd give you, ummm, $20 for the box?"  (Keep a straight face, come on, you can do it...)
"Well, they're not mine.  Let me call.  Here, I'll put you on speakerphone", she says.  (She's suspicious, she wants to kick my ass out of her garage)
MAN ANSWERS PHONE - She asks how much and he says....
"How about $10 for the entire box?"  (Thank you God)
WOMAN GLARING AT ME / ME PULLING OUT A $20 "Ya got change?" (pushing it now)

Right now I'm listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes singing "Stone Love" under a blanket of hiss and static and life is wonderful, isn't it?

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