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Friday, June 4, 2010

Destination Hot Dog

How did we get to the point where we would shell out $10 for a plate of fried calimari - squid - and not bat an eyelash.  Or toss back pieces of sashimi like Shamu, not even thinking that each bite cost $4?

Yesterday I found myself in Temecula at a place called The Hot Dog Shoppe.  You gotta love a guy who says when he was a kid he thought that the best job in the world would be selling hot dogs - and who gave up his business suits to live out his dream. Life's too short to be truly miserable.  A little miserable is OK, but full time miserable is, well, miserable.

Five bucks got me a pint of ice cold draught beer - my favorite, PBR - and a Cajun dog.  I added a Reuben Dog, which is an odd sort of combination of a hot dog piled with pastrami, swiss cheese, kraut, and a pickle. Crazy good delicious, what a deal at $3.75.  I added some fries that were good enough that they didn't need ketchup - that is, by the way, my pet peeve.  You should never smother good fries in ketchup.  It's not the law, but it should be. 

Anyway, the food here reminded me that good food doesn't have to be expensive, you don't always need to "acquire a taste for it", sometimes good food just tastes good.  And man oh man, did this food taste good!

Recently I found myself at a nice restaurant, not a top of the line extravagant but a nice place.  The meal set me back $180 for two.  It was good, really good, but better than the $5 special at The Hot Dog Shoppe?  Well, maybe a little better, but it will be a long time before I can go back for a meal that expensive.  In the meantime you might find me at The Hot Dog Shoppe trying their other specialty dogs, one by one.  That Texas Style Chili Dog with mustard and chopped onions is sounding pretty good.

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