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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TACO TUESDAYS: Street Tacos at (gasp) Taco Bell?

My wife always orders the $.99 tostada, which I find ridiculously hard to eat.
THE PLACE:  Taco Bell
THE VIBE:  Families and teens
THE COST:  Cheap

I'll admit it.  I like Taco Bell.  It's not real Mexican food, but whenever someone says "let's go to Taco Bell", I'm happy.  Recently they added some street tacos that have been getting some good reviews.  Seriously.  So I do what I do.  I had to try them.

At $1.29 the "cantina tacos" were a good size, not the tiny bite size street tacos I was expecting.  Let's see what's inside.

Not exactly bursting with meat or extras other than onions (or some sort of veggie), but the flavor of the chicken taco was actually not bad.  The green is mainly lettuce chopped tiny with a teeny bit of cilantro, though you can't taste it.  A bit of their hot sauce on top, it was pretty good.  And look, two tortillas and not all covered with oil like the ones at Cafe Coyote. 

The beef was not so successful.  Flavorless and chewy, it sort of reminded me of a beefy dog treat.  Not that I eat beefy dog treats, but it sure reminded me of them.  Where is Andy when you need him?

I finished with a $.99 crunchy taco and while they barely filled it up, it was delicious.  The best of the bunch, really.  You know the flavors.  A crispy preformed tortilla, salty mystery meat, iceberg lettuce, and depending on the mood of your preparer either a ton of cheddar cheese or a few lonely strands. 

I know that Taco Bell is not real Mexican food, but I've eaten a ton of crummy Mexican food in Old Town and around town as I search for the best Mex in San Diego.  At least the crunchy taco tastes good!  I could eat a dozen of them.  Maybe next time I will.

Chicken street taco:  B-  (might order again, probably not, though would eat it if you bought me one)
Beef street taco:  D- (terrible, didn't even finish it which never happens at Taco Bell)
Crunchy basic taco:  A (what can I say, I love these!)
Verdict:  Street tacos strike out.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seeing your pic of the tostada got my stomach rumbling. We haven't had tostadas in Maryland since 1995. I miss them so much!

Steve in Pasadena, MD