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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY: Someone is Smoking Crack / The SDUT's Best of San Diego Awards

Something very fishy is going on at the San Diego Union Tribune.  Their "best of" San Diego poll just came out and either San Diegans are totally clueless or someone hired the retired Acorn folks to run the polls. 

Did you know that the BEST coffeehouse in San Diego is Starbucks?  Did you think it was The Pannikin on Highway 101 in the old train station?  And the good news is the BEST coffeehouse in San Diego is right down the street from your house, your work, it's everywhere!

Want the Best chinese food?  Go to Far East Winds at ...... Viejas Casino?  Look, I'll admit I've never eaten there but it's hard to believe that these guys beat Jasmine, Emerald, China Max, or just about any restaurant in the Convoy area. Until I see a line of 2003 Camry's filled with Chinese families going 45 mph up Highway 8, I'm sticking with Convoy.

And what exactly is "comfort food"?  Whatever it is, you can get the BEST at Phileas Foggs in Poway, who also won best chicken wings and probably was in the running for best sushi as well.  Too far to drive?  Well San Diego voted and Claim Jumper came in second!  WTF?  Not Kensington Grill?  Not Urban Solace?


BTW, not suggesting that the manager paid employees to vote or anything but how did Phileas Foggs win Best comfort food, Best chicken wings, Best bar, Best sports bar?  Or Viejas sweeping with Best Chinese, Best steakhouse, Best entertainment venue, Best casino, Loosest slots, Best live music, Best place to dance, Best shopping center?  And how did Grossmont College win Best college or university over USD and SDSU?  Not knocking Grossmont, I even went there for Summer classes way back when, but trust me, if your doctor's degree is from Grossmont College you might want to think about it.

Best Fish Taco?  Rubios.  Not South Beach in OB?  Brigantine bar in Del Mar? Rubio's also won Best Mexican Food, beating out OTMC and Casa de Pico.  Seriously?  Those are the top 3 Mexican restaurants in San Diego?  Not Fidel's Little Mexico?  El Callejon?  Ponce's?  Even El Indio?  How come Taco Bell didn't win?  Who else has a Chalupa?

Best Burger is In N Out?  Yes, I really like In N Out but if you want the best burger in San Diego you go to Rocky's in PB, Hodad's in OB, or Nessy's on the 15.  Everyone knows that.  Right?

As for Greek food, I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure you won't find it at Daphne's.  And Benihana can't be the best Japanese food in San Diego, can it? 

And I bet you didn't know that the Best vegetarian restaurant is Souplantation.  OK, that's it.


beth said...

those things are rigged. either that, or san diego has bad taste.

Anonymous said...

I thought that bogus UT list was paid for by the businesses they purort to rate. It's qite suspicious they have advertisements from the very same places supposedly "voted" best of, but you don't see ads from anywhere else. It's a fraud.