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Saturday, September 25, 2010

WHASSUP WALLY? Dim Sum and Michael Jackson are Hot!

What?  I didn't post a WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY?  No FOODIE FRIDAYS?  OK, I admit it, I got lazy this week and I'm sorry to all 25 of you who follow my blog.  I mean, I love you guys.  So here's a bonus blog post to start your weekend before I mow the lawn.  What's Andy looking at?

Why, that looks like shui mai, Chinese dim sum made by a PROFESSIONAL!  Actually, I made these and this was my first attempt.  I am the Won Ton Master, by the way, taught my my Mom who makes great won ton soup.  In my freezer I found some shrimp, ground pork, and who doesn't have dried shiitake mushrooms and a can of water chestnuts in their pantry?  Look again, they're next to the box of Hot Tamales.

Anyway, I ended up with some extra won ton filling so I added some corn starch to stiffen it up and hey, are those dumpling wrappers in the freezer?  Yes, I know, I buy weird stuff when I'm at 99 Ranch Market and sometimes it pays off.  So stuff, squeeze, reshape, and put in a steamer.

So they're not perfect but they tasted great with some soy sauce and hot sambal.  Here's a tip - when they come out of the steamer they are approximately 500 degrees inside.  Add sambal and it kicks it up another 300 degrees.  I popped it right into my mouth and it was hotter than a glowing Kingsford briquette!  The roof of my mouth feels like Michael Jackson probably did after he caught on fire doing that Pepsi commercial.  What, you've never seen Michael Jackson's hair on fire?  Well, you have to see this before you mow your lawn.   

What other blog shows you this stuff?

Wally will be back on Tuesday with a new Taco Tuesday review!  Until then, go to Local Wally's Guide to San Diego for more local tips.

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