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Friday, October 1, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAYS: Best Sushi in Encinitas

THE PLACE:  Sushi House
214 N El Camino Real (next to BevMo)
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 633-1088
THE VIBE:  Low key, friendly, tables and sushi bar
THE COST:  Very reasonable (for sushi, that is!)

Remember the good old days when you would drop $150 on sushi and not even bat an eyelash?  Then the darn recession hit and going to Nobu is about as realistic as fixing that dent in your BMW.  Thankfully, there's Sushi House, an unassuming place in a strip mall serving up some great sushi at a more reasonable price.

Tuna Tataki Roll with browned garlic on top and ponzu sauce.

Here's a standard - a crunchy roll.

Every meal starts with this nice refreshing crab salad, complimentary.  With the crunchy cabbage and the sweet crab, a delicious way to start.

Pay attention to the specials on the whiteboard.  This spicy salmon roll was half off, a steal at $4.25, and incredibly fresh.  Not even a tiny bit of fishiness - and this is salmon, a fishy fish if there ever was one.  Let's see another shot.

Yeah, it was good.  Really good!!  Now, on to my favorite.

The Albacore Special Roll.  It starts with snow crab and crispy tempura shrimp inside, albacore and avocado on top, orange smelt eggs and sesame seeds, and splashed with tangy ponzu sauce.  The crunch of the tempura mixed with the creaminess of the avocado and the melt in your mouth freshness of the albacore, contrasting textures and beautiful flavors.  The best!  Other sushi bars might have something similar but no one, no one, can touch Sushi House's version.  At the end of the meal they give you Sushi Bucks to use on your next visit.  Does Nobu do that?  Didn't think so.

And here's a tip!  Next door is BevMo and on Saturdays they do wine tasting for a couple of bucks.  Grab some lunch at Sushi House and then go sip some wines afterwards.  Talk about a cheap date!  Nobu's is so last decade!


Local Wally will return next week.  Until then, tell your friends about Local Wally's Blog and Guide to San Diego!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried hapifish yet on the 101???

Local Wally said...

I actually went there yesterday to do a review but there was no one in the restaurant at lunch. I'll try later this week. Heard good things.