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Friday, October 8, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAYS: S#!% I Ate Yesterday

Have you seen that terrible TV show "S$#@ My Dad Says?"  And William Shatner wonders why they didn't let him act in the last Star Trek movie?  Holy cow, sometimes it's just not smart to turn a Twitter feed into a sitcom.  Anyway, yesterday at my real job - why yes, I have a real job! - I got to got to eat some good stuff. 

My lunch started with some really good tacos.  But not just any tacos.  These were from the Kogi Taco Truck. 
Because it was a catered event (even better!) the menu was more limited than normal.
Those Commies have it so lucky if they get to eat this stuff!  Want to see it?
These tacos were incredible!  Chicken, pork and beef combo, Korean flavorings with some Asian slaw on top, I'm a believer. 
Here's the guy who ran the truck.  FoodTV needs to do a reality show series where they just follow this truck around.  Hey, I'd watch it.  And they could get William Shatner to play this guy's part!  Maybe not.  How about Sulu?  He's not doing anything these days.  Can he cook tacos?
Here's a blatant plug for these guys.  You see them in OC driving around, you follow them until they stop!  Want to know where they are?  Check out  

For dinner it felt like the 90's all over again when vendors took you out to nice dinners and said the magic words "get whatever you want!"  We were at Houston's and I pretty much got exactly what I wanted.
Grey Goose.
Menu looked good!
Grilled artichoke.  Nice wood flavor with aioli sauce.  I do these at home.  I'll show you sometime.
Sushi sampler, pretty good (though obviously would be tossed out in a real sushi restaurant but worked just fine in this setting).
Beautiful house salad!  Almost a chopped salad with the bacon and egg, mmmmm.
The person next to me got this and loved it.
And no one was complaining about the filet.
I went double cut pork chop and swapped out the mashed potatoes for fries.  I can't stand it if someone at my table has fries and I don't, so I learned.  Swap out.
Perfectly cooked, a tiny bit of pink, savory seasonings, delicious. Best pork chop I've had in a long, long time.  Moist and tender. I even went bad manners and picked up the bone.
And nice fries!  Dipped in mayo.  Don't be all weird, try it if you haven't done this and you'll thank me.  Of course, it'll kill you.  But it's good!

Anyone want dessert?  Well, if you insist!  I got the candied brains with ice cream.  Not really, but doesn't this look like a bowl of brains?  This was actually ome sort of apple tart thing, it tasted like gooey caramel bread pudding with nuts, OMG, so good and probably 3,000 calories alone.  Get it!

So thank God my buddy was my designated driver and cruised my Shatner ass back home, safe and sound.  It was a very foodie day.

More Wally Coming Up Soon!  Until then go to Local Wally's Guide to San Diego!


Jarrod said...

Those photos came out really great. I especially like the martini, menu, and artichoke shots! (Now I guess I need to save up for the Canon S series!)

Local Wally said...

Yes, amazing photos when you consider how low light the restaurant was and this was all available light.