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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TACO TUESDAY: Searching for the Best Mexican Food in San Diego @ Fidel's Little Mexico

THE PLACE:  Fidel's Little Mexico
749 Genevieve Street
Solana Beach, CA 92075-2035
(858) 755-5292
THE VIBE:  Friendly family run Mex restaurant, authentic, good for families, some tourists but mostly locals.
THE COST:  Inexpensive

Fidel's has been around a long time.  Located in Eden Gardens, the restaurant that once was a barber shop catered to the migrant farm workers who worked in Rancho Santa Fe but lived in Solana Beach.  The restaurant was once the home of the owner, which explains the tables in hallways and squeezed into tiny rooms.  Hey, I like this!

Now I'm going to tell you one more time, if you're going to places like El Torito or Chevy's, stop it!  Unless you're there because it's your brother in law's kid's 12th birthday party and you have to be there, take the road less traveled and go authentic.

Casa de Bandini's Beef Taco

Here's the test.  A beef taco and beans.  Casa de Bandini flunked this test with their bland meat filling and hotel quality sides. See that taco above?  That's the gringo taco that barely rated a C- in my taste test.  What's that?  Cheddar cheese?  And those beans look straight from a can, don't they?

Fidel's Beef Taco

Now the Fidel's beef taco.  It already looks more authentic and it only takes one bite to confirm, this taco rules.  Savory flavorful filling, the perfect crispiness of the shell, the saltiness of the real Mexican cheese, the real deal.  And the beans are fantastic, a large portion with just the right texture and zestiness, they're begging you to dip a chip into it. I ordered a la carte, the taco $4.90 and the beans $2.20, making this a delicious and filling meal for a bit over $7.  What's next?

Mmmm, look at those beans!

What is that?  It's a Chile Relleno ($6.10).  Make that a perfect Chile Relleno, a fluffy egg battered chile filled with cheese and topped with sauce, none better. Most restaurants fail miserably with their chile rellenos, either making them flatter than a flounder or going Bobby Flay by making them too healthy.  No, this isn't health food but it's so darn delicious you'll forget that it's vegetarian.  Well, maybe there's lard somewhere on that plate but don't ask, don't tell, that's my motto.

With Mexican food this good and this close, there's no reason to go to those fake corporate restaurants.  Do yourself a favor and check out Fidel's.

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Anonymous said...

Wait! How were the rolled tacos????

Local Wally said...

Ahhhh, that's for another review!