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Friday, August 6, 2010

FOODIE FRIDAYS: Saurkraut Pizza at Besta-Wan Pizza, Cardiff, CA

148 Aberdeen Drive Cardiff By Sea, CA 92007-1822 - (760) 753-6707

What kind of name is Besta-Wan?  This is just my theory that I stumbled upon after a couple of beers and a lengthy discussion, but if you put on your deepest fake Italian accent and say something like "Mama Mia, this pizza is the besta one I have ever had", well, I think that must be where the name came from.  Put that one in Wikipedia, I'm pretty sure about it.  

Anyway, Best-Wan is a local joint filled with locals and surfers and a few tourists now and then who are brave enough to check it out.  With music that reminds me of my college days spinning and dogs on the patio, Austin Powers posters and paper lanterns hanging from the rafters, it's definitely laid back and fun.  Wait - dogs on the patio?  Yes, you can bring your pooch as well as he's well behaved.  Some dogs have been banned.  Wish they would do that with some kids, but that's another blog.

The beer list is extensive with tons of unexpected beers on tap.  A pint is $5, a pitcher $19, and if you are nice and look confused they will even bring you out a sample in a tiny cup.  And look!  You can get a "Man Mosa" if you're a tattoo sort of guy who loves champagne cocktails but would rather drink them from a manly pint glass over a traditional champagne flute.  They know their audience here.

Here is my ice cold Stone Pale Ale.  But now it's pizza time and look, there's a pizza called the Kraut-za that has sauerkraut, pepperoni's, sausage, and tons of cheese.  Oh stop it, wipe that look of disgust off your face and let's stay open minded.

The pizza arrives and it looks pretty standard.  I mean, if I didn't tell you this was a sauerkraut pizza you wouldn't even know.  The $13 small pizza easily feeds 2 very hungry guys, or 3 normal appetites.  Costco pizza?  Forgetaboutit!

Trying to get the first piece out is a challenge with all the cheese hanging onto the others for dear life.  Now you can see the genius here.  The sauerkraut is on the bottom forming a foundation of crunch and tang with the traditional pizza toppings riding the wave.  

See the kraut?  But was it good?  Oh yeah baby, it was so good!  It's not what you think it's going to be.  Kraut fans are going to love it for sure but non-kraut fans will be surprised how good this combination tastes.  The crust was a perfect thickness, not too doughy but not stupidly thin, the sauce tangy, the meats spicy, tons of cheese, and yes, the kraut added the crowning touch.  I'd get it again.  And again.

If lately pizza has been a little flat, a bit unexciting, maybe it's because you've sunken into the Generic Pizza Zone. If this is you, you've got to get out there and do the local thing, get away from the chains and franchises and grab some pizza made by someone who puts a little personality into it.  And who makes the best one? You know.  Go ahead, say it in your best fake Italian accent.

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