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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TACO TUESDAY: A million dollar view with a $1.75 taco at Bull Taco Cardiff

THE PLACE:  Bull Taco, San Elijo Campgrounds,
2050 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92007
THE VIBE: Tourists and campers mixed with surfers and locals dining on picnic tables that overlook the ocean.
THE COST:  $6 gets you two tacos, chips and salsa

You'd think that the concession stand in the San Elijo State Campgrounds - the one right on the beach in Cardiff - would have, well, you know, hot dogs and popcorn.  Hand it to three surfer guys who decided to take it over and change it up a bit with gourmet tacos.  Gourmet tacos?  That's right, and no one does it better than Bull Taco.  Let's see what's on the menu.

Besides the traditional carne asada and chicken, you can go way upscale with duck, lobster, abalone, even foie gras!  The tacos range from $1.75 for the basics to $10 for the super deluxe.  Today they had pork belly tacos, and who can resist a pork belly taco?  OK, I'll have one of those.

After an excruciating long wait (I'm hungry!) the taco is finally ready and man oh man, was it good.  Pork belly is like bacon without the smoke and the crispy saltiness of the pork made it taste like the best carnitas to hit my taste buds in a long time.  I want more so I head back to the counter.  But wait, didn't someone mention the view?

Seriously, is there a better view from a taco shop anywhere in San Diego?  Up the street are fancy restaurants with valet parking that don't have a view as good as this one.

Waiting for a taco for 30 minutes is almost bearable with a view like this.  Now I'm not kidding about the wait.  Bull Taco is so popular that it does take that long for the food to arrive so take my advice and order plenty the first time.  Did I just hear my name?

Mmmmm, duck taco.  Now to be honest, it tasted a lot like the pork belly but who's complaining?  Rich and fatty and delicious.  Let's do one more.

I could not resist a taco filled with lobster, bacon, and chorizo!  The lobster was moist, the bacon and chorizo a nice foil to the seafood.  At $5 a bit pricey and if not twice as good as a pork belly taco ($2.50), I'm glad I tried it.

Bull Taco has other things besides street tacos on its menu, like giant tortas and burritos, baked oysters, even a dish made with carne asada, cheddar, jalapenos, sour cream, house made salsa, onions, cilantro, house made guacamole, and....tater tots.  It's all pretty fantastic and the setting so perfect San Diego that I not only recommend, I insist that you take the detour and seek Bull Taco out.  It's that good.


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Bull Taco also has an actual restaurant location in Oceanside at 1813 South Coast Highway that has a nice local vibe and the same great food, though no view.

Thanks to fellow blogger Dennis K who unknowingly let me "borrow" the last two images.  I was so hungry I ate them before I snapped the photos, which is a big problem I have.

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