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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY: San Diego's Secret $4 Golf Course

Looking for something to do this weekend that you've probably never done before?  How about a round of Frisbee Golf at Balboa Park's Morley Field?  Never played?  Not to worry, here's the deal.

$4 gets you onto the course - including disc rental.  You just show up and line up to go.  When it's your turn, you fling the disc and hope it actually goes forward towards the basket.  Everyone flings, then you walk to get it and fling again until you get the disc into the basket. 

Oh, I forgot one very important thing - you get to drink a beer while you're waiting, while you're walking, and while you're just thinking about your next shot.  Wait - you can drink beer while Frisbee golfing?  Sure, it's not legal but tell it to the guys with their coolers walking the course.  Let's just say it's part of the Frisbee Golf culture. 

Fun for the whole family (the golf, not necessarily the beer), you'll have a great time treking up and down the slopes, ducking in and out of bushes looking for your disc.  And you won't want to miss a San Diego landmark, the Shoe Tree!  Where else can you have this much fun in San Diego for $4?

Frisbee Golf takes no experience but there are some serious Disc Golfers so let them go ahead of you if you see them behind you.  Wear comfortable tennis shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and bring some waters.  There's 18 holes, some not clearly marked, so pay attention to the people ahead of you so you know where to go next. 

Afterwards head over to Balboa Park's Municipal Golf Course down the street to their old school clubhouse where you'll find another San Diego secret, a killer $5 burger with fries and $8 pitchers of!  Looks like a pretty good weekend coming up, doesn't it?

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