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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's Try Something New

I just figured out that people looking at a blog on San Diego actually want information and stories about San Diego!  So let's try something different - for the Summer of 2010 or until Global Warming destroys the planet (whichever comes first), you can count on me to give you actual San Diego content!

TACO TUESDAYS:  Pics and mini-reviews of my favorite Mexican restaurants and taco shops!
WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAYS:  Cool things around San Diego, discover things around town that you might not know about.
FOODIE FRIDAYS:  My newest food finds, my favorite recipes, see what's showing up on my backyard grill.
SUNNY SUNDAYS:  Pics of San Diego, best beaches, sunset views, or shots from my weekend adventures.

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Thanks All, and hope to see you all around!

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