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Thursday, January 20, 2011

San Diego's Secret Burger Place

The other day I was at a Happy Hour and saw Kobe Beef sliders on their bar menu.  They were pretty good, but at $9 for two bites I wouldn't exactly call them a steal, unless stealing from me qualifies.  A few days later I went to The Counter, a good burger but damn if it wasn't $9 ..... without fries!  It was good, but should a burger with fries really cost $13?  I think not.  And a cupcake shouldn't cost ten bucks either, but that's another blog.

My quest for the best San Diego burger continued at a most unlikely place, Tobey's 19th Hole at Balboa Park's municipal golf course.  What?  Seriously?  Let's check it out.

Man, this is old school.  I'm guessing it was last remodeled when Jerry Mathers (as "the Beav") was still cute, before his head got so big.  Looking back there is no way he was Ward's son, no possible way. But that's also another blog.

This isn't Mr. A's, but the view is really good.  The waitresses aren't hotties from state but are friendly enough and the other patrons seem like regulars.  SPEAK INTO MY GOOD EAR!!  LOUDER!!!  Sorry for shouting, that was the table next to me having a conversation.  But don't get me wrong, lots of young people have discovered this place too so the mix is eclectic and diverse.  Let's see that view from the patio.

Holy cow, that's the view?  Fantastic, isn't it?  Balboa Park Muni is the sister course to Torrey Pines and a hidden gem.  If you golf you're going to want to check this out.  But I'm here for the burger so let's eat.

The menu has lots of classics like Chicken Fried Steak with eggs, the sort of thing you might see in one of those trendy "comfort food goes upscale" places but this isn't upscale, this is the real deal.  The burger and fries was $5 bucks!  Total. And the fries were fantastic!  Sorry to get so excited but look, see that pitcher of beer?  It was $8.50.  Not per glass, for the pitcher!  I spent $9 the other night for one beer at some fancy pants pizza joint so I was pretty happy.  Ready for the money shot?

There you go, a perfect burger!  So it's not kobe beef, it's not a fancy restaurant, but it is one of the best burgers in town.  Stand in line at Hodad's?  Fight for a table at Rocky's?  No way, I'm going to Tobey's with my friends and I'm watching the sun set over the San Diego skyline while dining on the BEST $5 burger in town. 

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5 comments: said...

What a great find! It looks so sunny and beautiful there, half of a dining experience is the ambiance and that looks amazing!

On A Lark said...

And tastes good too!!!

HereBeDragons said...

Great tip. I'm gonna want to check this place out. I love a good burger.

Montusama said...

How about a list of those beers ?

HereBeDragons said...

Didn't get the burger, but their corned beef hash is great for a Sunday morning brunch!