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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Local Wally's Rocky Start to 2011

I'm pretty superstitious about starting a year off on the right foot. 2010 was a pretty good year and I have high hopes for 2011.  Really, I'm actually optimistic! 

Going out on New Years Eve is for chumps.  Get a DUI - bad way to end the year, really bad way to start.  So I like to cook an extravagant meal at home and dine in front of the fireplace.  The meal started with oysters.  I got this cool "safe" oyster shucker thing that helps, but so help me I can never get through a dozen oysters without some bloodshed. See the diagram?  Notice some blood on the guys hand?  Well, that was MY blood!  Damn! 
Luckily I wasn't fired and was able to complete my quickfire challenge without any other mishaps.  Looking good!
Want to know why most nice restaurants don't allow dogs? This is a very bad dog.
If the recession has taught me anything, it's how to cook really good food for cheap.  I found these ribeye steaks mismarked as T-bones at Ralphs and got them for about $5 apiece.  Some dry rub and lots of pepper and onto the Weber charcoal grill.
Tell me that doesn't look good!  Let's plate it up for full foodie impact.
Some au gratin potatoes, spring salad with homemade dressing, and a fat juicy steak.  Like the herb butter on top of the steak?  See, I know what I'm doing.  Steak was so big that I couldn't even finish it.

On New Years Day we decided to go to Rocky's in PB.  What?  Didn't the doctor say No Red Meat?  I know, bad me, but I promise to eat really good this week.
Packed as usual, fight for a table, but $5.75 gets you a 1/2 pound burgers and $15 gets you a pitcher of beer. Want to see the burger?  Of course you do.
Is it the best in San Diego?  Well, hmmmm, no.  I think the kobe beef burger at C-Level is better, but it's also $16 or something obscene like that so I'm a liking this burger.
The scenic drive home along the coast took us along Windandsea. What are those guys doing down there?
Look, it's the friendly Game Warden checking out the catch of the day.  Note to self - make sure you measure abalone before you put them in the bag and come ashore. Not saying these guys did anything wrong, just glad I'm not them.
And so starts a new year with Local Wally.  Hope you stick with me and watch as I grow my little empire.  It's going to be a great year!

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