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Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's Coming - The 2014 San Diego Bay Wine and Food Fest

You want one of these?  How about two?  OK, stop twisting my arm!

The San Diego Wine and Food Festival is one of the largest in the nation attracting over 10,000 food and wine addicts with 200 purveyors of wine beer and spirits along with over 70 of San Diego's top restaurants handing out food tastings.  This is the Comic-Con for foodies, an essential annual event that has grown men and women counting the days until they can run around the Embaradero to sample the best that San Diego has to offer.

November is the perfect time of year for an event like this. 
Throughout the week there are tons of food-centric activities, from fish taco competitions to fancy dinners with fancy dinners with fancy chefs.  There are oyster events, port pairing events, just about anything you can think of that has to do with good wine and good food.  But the big event, the one you won't want to miss, is the Grand Tasting Event on Saturday, Nov. 22nd.  That's where they take over the area behind Seaport Village, line it with tents and offer up unlimited samples of great San Diego food.

Expect beautiful presentation from the top chefs in San Diego.
As for the food, it's almost like you get to walk into a Top Chef competition where you get taste the best thing the chefs can cook.  Unlike most tasting events where the tastings are sometimes better at Costco, the San Diego Wine and Food Festival has never failed to impress me with the quality ingredients and superb presentations.  Hey look, they're using tweezers to put the micro-sprouts on the plate!  Just like on TV!

I hate it when people write "nom nom nom" so I won't - but you get the idea.
Expect lots of seafood all expertly prepared.  Oh my, that shrimp still has it's head on and that guy just ate it!  That's right, there are no dumb'd down sliders or pasta with marinara sauce there.  When they serve you a slider you'd better be ready for it to be the best slider you've ever tasted.  I mean, look at the picture!  You want that, I want that, let's go get another!

Stop staring at me before I eat you.
By now you should have gotten the message that this is no ordinary food tasting event.  It's the San Diego foodie event of the year, the one you won't want to miss.  Get your tickets now, get there early, and don't you even think about having a snack before you arrive.  Walk the circuit and fill up, kick back in the sunshine and listen to some live music, repeat until they tell you it's time to go.

If you ever wanted to taste the Best that San Diego has to offer, this is the event.  Kick off your holiday season with a gift to yourself and check out the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Fest 2014.

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benilhalk said...

Well that’s great news about events in New York because I haven’t attended or seen any pic before this of food festival held in New York. I am living in this city from past 5 years and this is my first time which I have seen in your blog. Can you please tell when you will organize your next event now?

Find Handmade said...

Looks like an amazing event and such a privilege to share some fine foods.