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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rubio's Fish Tacos CoastFest May 10, 2014

THE  LOWDOWN:  Complimentary food and drinks, music festival, VIP beer garden, free surf lessons, educational stuff for the kids , activities for attendees of all ages and more in Oceanside, Calif. 
IF YOU ARE NOT TOO LAZY:  Come help clean up the beach.  Fun for the whole family!
WHERE AND WHEN:  May 10th, Oceanside Pier, starts at 10AM

Let's face it - we eat a lot of fish tacos in San Diego.  That's thanks to our bud, Ralph Rubio, the guy who put the fish taco on the map and still makes some of the best around.  But the oceans are being fished out.  Next time you're at that expensive sushi restaurant and your friend bites into that spicy tuna roll it's a good time to remind him that thanks to him tuna's are headed towards extinction.  That's why when I get a seafood craving I head over to Rubio's.  Their seafood is nearly all sustainable, even the basic fish taco, so you can eat guilt free.  

So this Saturday is one of the essential San Diego experiences, the CoastFest 2014 in Oceanside.  Stop taking from the ocean without giving back.  Come join the fun, do a bit of clean up (it's good for the kids) and have a ton of fun in the meantime.  Clean the beach and you not only get good ocean karma, which comes in handy when that shark is looking at your belly, but the following cool CoastFest activities:
  • Prizes, free surf lessons from my friends at Surfin's Fire (actual firemen who teach surfing), face painting (excellent if you are in the witness protection program or under 12), a jumpy horse and a photo booth to capture all of your inappropriate gestures or faces (or just be nice, your choice)
  • FREE food and drinks from Rubio's.  Please, do not toss wrappers on the beach.
  • Live music - FM94/9 will have Jet West, a reggae/rock band and Bad Neighborz - hey, I have a bad neighbor, I should introduce them.
  • BEER - I love beer (remember, Local Wally is sponsoring a Padre's microbrew night July 19th so mark your calendars!)
  • Kids Zone Educational Elements:  I know you won't care if you eat all the seafood but think of your poor kids who will be left with scratch N sniff's to remember the wonderful seafood you ate.  Didn't Whitney Houston sing about how she believes the children are our future?  Has she ever been wrong?  I think not!
So get out there and get back to the beach.  It's a good thing to do and it's a ton of fun if last year is any indication. 


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