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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arrrrrrggg.... Pirates Beware!

I recently had a chance to check out the Pirate Ship Adventure, a new San Diego attraction that promised cannon ball fights and action packed adventure!  You've seen the beautiful tall ships on the harbor by Anthony's Fish Grotto.  The Star of India from the 1800's, The Californian ship, a replica tall ship built for the 1984 Olympics, and the HMS Surprise, the ship used in the movie "Master and Commander".  All beautiful ships, all incredible experiences.  Cannonball fights with giant BOOMs in the Summer, the sails hoisted for a trip around the bay that you will recall so many times your friends will hate you. 

This isn't one of those ships.

No, the Pirate Ship Adventure "ship" doesn't raise any sails at all - nor could it if it wanted as they're mere props.  As the boat chugs out to the bay from Harbor Island on diesel power, the "Yo Ho, Yo Ho" singing and music begins.  OMG, it's a live version of Pirates of the Caribbean!  

The crew is dressed in pirate apparel and the guests are coaxed into doing pirate imitations.  Arrrg, Happy Birth---day to you, matey.....  I wanted to cringe. I mocked people on the Old Town Trolley but here I was, San Diego's expert on the wrong ship! Not Penny's Boat for sure! 

But at least I wasn't one of these guys!  This group was new to San Diego and one of them had the bright idea to spend an afternoon on a pirate ship.  And someone in that group had the brighter idea to dress up!  Well, whoever it was isn't living this one down.  While there are "rum runner" events aimed more at adults later in the day, the day time trips are strictly for the  Chuckie Cheese crowd.

Let's talk about that.  If you're a grandparent, this is one great adventure!  If you're a parent looking for a neat birthday idea, look no further.  And if you are a kid, beg your parents to take you on this!  Giant squirt guns in the bay, singing pirate songs, guys in pirate costumes shouting "ARRRR", this is a fun way to spend an hour or so on the bay. 

Kids will have fun looking for the treasure and the cast, I mean crew, are really entertaining.  And you do get to see San Diego from the water, an essential activity for any tourists.  It's better than a Harbor Cruise if you have kids.

Of course, adults would much rather be on this ship.  That's the Californian, a true tall sailing ship.

Or this one below!  Crap!  I hope no one on that boat saw me!

But as much as I mock it, the kids are just happy as can be on the Pirate Ship Adventure.  So I give it a big thumbs up if you're in the right demographic (ie: kids, parents with kids, grandparents with grandkids) and a big thumbs down if you're looking for an authentic sailing adventure on the bay.  I know, it seems so damn obvious and I'm sure I will soon have angry pirates at my door but I have to tell the truth here.  Don't get me wrong - I think anyone with small kids will love this activity.  But adults with adults or older kids would be better off skipping this and going on a real sailing ship.

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