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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I found it. Best Burger in the World.

As some of you know, I have been searching for the best burger in San Diego.  I actually gave up after my doctor said "WTF??" after checking my cholesterol.  I swear Doc, I've only been eating chicken and salad, I SWEAR!

Well, the other day my good buddy Aaron invited me out to The Rider Club, a dive of a place in San Clemente.  It's a beachy place but full of the sort of pretentiousness that I typically rebel against.  What, no french fries?  No catsup?  No mustard?  Tomato?  Get out of here.  Is he the Burger Nazi?  I've been to too many places like that where the food doesn't live up to the hype so went in with some apprehension.  You line up and the line is never short.  You place your order off the chalkboard.  What do you want?  A burger?  A Carnitas Sandwich?  A hot dog?  Or, gasp, a healthy mushroom or veggie burger?  And what cheese on top?  It's a buck more.  Add bacon or an egg, chili's or avocado, another buck.  No fries.  I said that so don't ask.  And what beer?  That's right, they rotate their eclectic beer selection.  No PBR, no Bud Light, only the good stuff.

The idea behind The Rider Club is Slow Fast Food, meaning they use the best ingredients and food takes a while to make.  I ordered the burger, medium, with bleu cheese.  That's it.  And here it is.

So I have eaten a lot of burgers but my buddy was just about cracking up when I took a bite and proclaimed it be best burger I have ever eaten!  Tons of flavor, the patty wasn't smashed like a school burger but loose and tender.  The flavor, oh my God, the flavor was out of this world and has me dreaming of going back to San Clemente just for another bite.  And the bun was perfect, a soft roll but hearty enough to hold up.  I hate it when a burger bun disintegrates before the last bite.  The chips were super crunchy and I didn't even miss not getting fries, which as you know I love.

If you love burgers, you have to go here!  I know it's not San Diego but it's close enough and worth a road trip.  Trust me, this is the finest burger in the land.  Forget about everything you think a burger should be and bite into one of these and I guarantee you that you will be singing the praises of The Rider Club.  Thank you Aaron, and thank you Rider Club.  It's good, it's really really good!

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