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Monday, January 23, 2012

Save the La Jolla Seals Before the Goons Take Over

Ahhhh, a lovely day in La Jolla.  Where else can you see such beautiful coastline and skies this blue in the middle of Winter?  And the waves, huge!  I've been coming down to this beach for years just to see the seals.  It's nearly pupping season so the beach is full with pregnant moms sunbathing in the warmth. 

But who are those guys on the beach?  Don't they know that they're not supposed to cross the line?

Why, it's the anti-seal group! This group is made up of a few distinct groups.  First, you have the wealthy elitists who believe that this is their beach.  They grew up here, they swam here as kids, they want their kids to swim here, and they don't want anyone telling them they can't do this.  The second group are, ironically, select divers and fishermen.  You would think that divers would love and respect the ocean and its wildlife, but this group is angry that they don't have this launch spot to themselves.  They like entering the ocean here and like the elitists, don't want to share.  The last group are the anti-environmentalists.  These are the ones who believe that this beach is "man made", meaning "for man, not seals".  They like to label the pro-seal group as "vegans" or environmental lunatics. 

They all share one thing in common.  They are all goons who would love it if a seal never set a flipper again on the sand.

There was a lot of propaganda out there from the anti-seal group.  Why, did you know that these seals are from Sea World?  That is why they are so tame and that's why they don't belong here.  Also, did you know that a seal likes nothing better than to be petted on its tummy?  And did you know that Ellen Browning Scripps dedicated the seawall to "the children", and that we owe it to dear old Ellen to remove the seals and carry out her vision?

And look, shared use works!  People shouldn't be kept off the beach.  We should be able to be right in there with the seals because, dammit, San Diego just doesn't have enough beaches.

Idiots.  I mean it, these guys are warped.

How warped?  What causes someone to pour lighter fluid over charcoal a few feet from the pregnant mom seals?  Last year I've seen this same guy light his BBQ a few feet from the baby pups.  You wonder what he would do if his wife had a newborn and someone lit a cigar in its face. 

More goons!  These divers with the spearguns walked right through the seals and chased many of them back into the surf.  The surf, by the way, was high and rough so this was not exactly a great diving day.  In fact, the Ranger said these jerks entered the water and quickly swam around the wall and exited away from the public.  Their goal?  To scare the seals back into the surf.  Just like the asshole with the fishing rod exercising his right to "share" the beach.

Last year I was attacked by an anti-seal person who overheard me talking to my daughter about how much I loved seeing the seals.  This person got in my face and harassed me to the point of me leaving.  I didn't go there to debate.  I just wanted to see the seals.  Because of that I decided to dedicate my latest website,, to help the seals.  SDHomegrown has local music by local San Diego bands, free for the listening.  These musicians have donated their time and music to help the seals.  The profits from the downloads goes to La Jolla Friends of Seals, a non-profit charity dedicated to preserving this special part of San Diego.

San Diego, it's time to do something!  Don't assume that the pro-seal group will win.  In fact, the pro-seal group is getting smaller all the time due to the tiring antics of the anti-seal group.  But you can help the seals!  Write a letter to your newspaper, email the Mayor and tell him you support the seals, tell City Council member Sherri Lightner to stop pandering to the anti-seal group and uphold the voice of the people by protecting the seals.  Don't assume that someone else will save the seals or the next time you come to La Jolla, you might see the two anti-seal fat chicks on a beach towel instead of the seals.  That would be ugly for sure.

Thank you San Diego.



What's Happenin' by Dick Botte said...

Gary, this is insane. These are the same people who flip you off on the freeway, take up 2 parking spots, etc. They have an entitlement attitude that that either comes from having money or having absolutly nothing at all and using this as a way to execute power.

Anonymous said...

Your rhetoric and use of words are not very pleasant. Referring to these people as "assholes"? Seriously?

Just because you have a dispute with them doesn't mean you need to be nasty.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know you ARE VERY WRONG!!! If you're going to blog get your INFO in ORDER... Don't creat LIES to BOOTS traffic on your WEBSITES... Really you're in a WHOLE other LEAGUE !!! God bless...

Anonymous said...

You are an A__hole.

These poor guys just want to go fishing and enjoy the beach. They actually love the seals.

The only one that ever scares the seals off is that crazy lady on the bluff screaming to "stay off the beach" with her bullhorn.

The seals are quite content in having people on the beach. As a matter of fact, they leave the group and come over to the beach goers when nursing. They trust the people on the beach more than their own kind.

That crazy lady on top I am sure gives those poor seals nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Yea that crazy lady has to go.

Those poor seals have to hear her all the time. She is doing long lasted harm to their minds. Her voice and accent are so annoying.

You are right. Those kids just want to go swim. They love the seals. This isn't pro-seal against anti-seal. Nobody is anti seal. The wackos that want to close the beach are anti children.

Leave the kids alone you evil children haters.

Local Wally said...

Great comments, everyone. Let me make a few responses. First, yes, I think anyone that lights a BBQ on the beach next to pregnant seals is missing a few screws. Second, I am not part of any group and might even agree that the bullhorn might be excessive. However, I can also see the frustration from the top as the person "fishing" was clearly just doing it to prove his point - or knows nothing about fishing as there was no way he would catch anything in that rough surf where he was.

Now here is where we get a bit crazy. If you really believe that the seals love the people on the beach more than their own kind (ie: other seals), I don't even know how to address this. This is just crazy talk! And if this were true (and trust me, I did not see any seals coming up to the anti-seal group to be petted on their tummies), maybe that's all the more reason to close off the beach. Do you try to pet a bear cub in Yosemite? Try it - I heard they like people more than other bears.

Last point - I do feel very bad that the poor children have no other place to swim. If only we had other beaches, or even another cove, in La Jolla.

sandiver said...

so according to you, people who simply want totake their kids to a beach without having people scream at them are assholes..

but psychotic animal rights activists who incite violence, spit at active military, and scream profanities at children are not assholes?

wow dude... you have some messed up priorities. I don't even know where to start with that... do you think it's okay to scream profanities the children on the beach? really? because that is exactly what you are supporting when you support those animal crazies.

do you think it's acceptable to spit on a member of the military? how about calling him derogatory names based on his job? because, again, that is what your friends were doing down there.

I would think any rational or good human would condemn those activities, so why are you, instead of condemning these activists for their terrible behavior, calling their victims assholes?

fiscalstimulant said...

I have yet to see any quantifiable and scientific evidence that concludes seals have been harmed by human actions on the beach. For some reason the seals keep returning every year, and have incredible amounts of pups.

In fact, the only scientific opinion we have on human-seal interaction at the Children's Pool supports the shared use policy:

Just because you want make the beach a seal preserve doesn't mean other people don't have the right to continue to use it.

Until someone can show tangible damage to the seals through the shared use policy, I am in favor of shared use.

Also, if the seals are already protected by federal law, what is the big deal? If the seals are being threatened by humans, why aren't federal agents writing tickets every weekend? I believe two tickets were written last year but one was dismissed and the other plead no contest.

fiscalstimulant said...

Local Wally said... "Now here is where we get a bit crazy. If you really believe that the seals love the people on the beach more than their own kind (ie: other seals), I don't even know how to address this. This is just crazy talk! And if this were true (and trust me, I did not see any seals coming up to the anti-seal group to be petted on their tummies), maybe that's all the more reason to close off the beach. Do you try to pet a bear cub in Yosemite?"

Do seals "love" people on the beach? Probably not. But I don't think seals "hate" people on the beach either. Be careful with anthropomorphisizing the seals too much. You really can't place your own emotions on the seals as a colony. Are some skittish around humans? Yes. Are some bold? Yes.

We've seen all the videos of "evil" people "chasing" some seals off the beach. First of all, very rarely does someone purposefully chase the seals off. It's usually incidental to some activity. And it's not harmful to the seals. Flushing is a natural response.

How about some video of seals and humans getting along just fine?

The Children's Pool, as the only "shared use beach" in existence, provides a really cool place for humans and docile wildlife to interact, in my opinion. Some people view this as wrong. I totally disagree. We share the earth with animals, and inevitably it's healthier and more natural for us to be outside, forming interactions with them.

The most fun I have with seals is in the water, where they are more playful:

If you are a true seal lover(instead of a human hater) I can't see how you wouldn't like the above videos.

Tony said...

You do realize that the only reason the vegan animal rights activists put up with you is the hope that you will give them money and that they are desperate for support for their creepy cause? Otherwise as a person that blogs about meat dishes you are the enemy? You do realize their crazy agenda does not stop at the seals?

sandiver said...

tony nailed it.

Gary, did you actually bother to listen to what your buddies on the bluff were saying on Sunday?

According to them, simply because you eat meat, you have no heart and deserve cancer. do you really think those people respect you?

4RBeach said...

Your blog is about your emotions over round eyed cute and fuzzy seals, and if you can't have it your weigh because some other people use a public beach and don't agree with a bunch of wacko seal nuts to close the only man made trusted beach for the enjoyment for people you stomp your feet like a whining baby. Just like the radio or TV, if you don't like what you see or hear, change the channel. I suggest, you close your eyes and stick your fingers in you ears when you go by the Children's Pool.

4RBeach said...
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4RBeach said...
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4RBeach said...

Wally, you claim the seals are harmed if people use the beach! this is from a expert of the seals at Children's Pool, so put your emotions a side and use your bran for once.

I, Doyle A. Hanan, Ph.D., declare that I am competent to testify about the following facts, of which I have personal knowledge:
1. I have over 35 years of experience as a research biologist, project leader, supervisor, and educator, specializing in marine mammals and harbor seals. Currently, I am self-employed as a private consultant and Chief Scientist for Hanan & Associates, Inc. Prior to this position, I worked for the California Department of Fish and Game from 1974 to 2000. In 1984, I became the California Department of Fish and Game Associate Marine Biologist in charge of marine mammals, and in 1993 I became the Senior Marine Biologist, Supervisor. As Senior 2. Marine Biologist, I was responsible for research and management of sport and commercial fisheries and marine mammals.
2. I earned my Masters Degree in Marine Biology in 1976 from California State University Long Beach and earned my Doctorate Degree in Biology in 1996 from the University of California, Los Angeles.
3. I am a member of the Pacific Scientific Review Group, which advises the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) on marine mammals in the Pacific Ocean. In this capacity, I review and make recommendations on NMFS= research and stock assessments on marine mammals in the Pacific Ocean and make recommendations as to any needed modifications to its reports. Additionally, I reviewed and contributed to the 1994 amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. I am also a member of the Society for Marine Mammology. I have testified before Congress on issues related to marine mammals. I served on the task force to evaluate the scientific information on the impacts of California sea lions and harbor seals on salmonids and on the coastal ecosystems of Washington, Oregon, and California.
4. I have personally observed and studied harbor seals and other pinnipeds along the West Coast of the United States since 1979. Included in this work, I completed fifteen years of aerial survey of harbor seals along the West Coast. I have researched and drafted numerous reports on the behavior of harbor seals, and have first-hand expertise in the behavior patterns of harbor seals. My dissertation was entitled, ADynamics of abundance and distribution in the Pacific harbor seal, Phoca vitulina richardsi, on the coast of California,@ which included tagging harbor seals and observing their behavior from 1982-1995.
5. From October 2003 to March 2004, I worked under contract for the City of San Diego observing and recording harbor seal behavior and hauling patterns at the La Jolla Children=s Pool (also known as Casa Beach) as a part of the City of San Diego=s preparation to apply for an Incidental Harassment Permit from NMFS for construction to the lifeguard tower.

4RBeach said...

6. I maintain a neutral position on the presence of harbor seals at the Children=s Pool. The purpose of this declaration is to provide information regarding harbor seals at Children=s Pool that is within my professional and personal expertise. 7. A copy of my curriculum vitae is attached as Exhibit 1.
8. I have personally visited Children=s Pool both before and after the advisory rope was removed.

9. Since the 1920=s, the population of harbor seals on the West Coast and Southern California has steadily increased. Harbor seals are currently near their Optimum Sustainable Population level (OSP) in California and are approaching carrying capacity. They are one of the most commonly seen marine mammals along the West Coast of North America. In California, there are at least 1000 hauling sites. My most recent research has shown that the number of harbor seals in California has likely been under-estimated. Harbor seals have been documented to be present at Children=s Pool since at least 1979.
10. Harbor seals in California are not endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act, nor a strategic population under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA).
11. Based upon my personal observation of numerous seal colonies along the West Coast, I have observed that the harbor seals located at Children=s Pool are unusually tolerant to human contact. Generally, harbor seals are skittish and have the tendency to react or flush into the water at the slightest movement or sound. In my personal observations of the harbor seals at Children=s Pool, I observed that the harbor seals there did not react to human behavior that normally would disturb harbor seals (such as laughing, clapping, stomping, climbing, snorkeling, swimming, and wading)

4RBeach said...

12. At Children=s Pool, harbor seal pupping season is approximately from January through April, with some births possibly occurring in December and May. The pupping season likely peaks in February or March. When a pup is born on land, the birthing female usually encourages the pup into the water within an hour of its birth.
13. It is normal for there to be some premature harbor seal pup births and pup abandonment. There are many possible reasons for these occurrences. For example, a female may reject a pup if something is biologically wrong with the pup. Based upon my experience tagging seals, during pupping season, it is my professional opinion that interaction with humans is not likely to be a significant cause of seal pup abandonment.
14. As the population of harbor seals increases towards carrying capacity, it would be expected that the harbor seal and pup mortality rate would increase. It would also be expected that the number of pup abandonments would increase.
15. There are many rookery sites (where harbor seal pups are born) other than Children=s Pool in Southern California, and all along the West Coast. If the harbor seals were to abandon the Children=s Pool site, they would likely move to another site and continue to survive and give birth to pups.
16. In my professional opinion, the continued use of Children=s Pool by harbor seals is not critical for the survival of the harbor seals present at Children=s Pool or the harbor seal population as a whole.
17. In my professional opinion, the presence of the advisory rope is not critical to the survival of the harbor seals present at Children=s Pool or the harbor seal population as a whole.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct to my own personal knowledge.
Executed this 18th day of May, 2005, at San Diego, California.

Local Wally said...

OK everyone, I think I unfortunately need to start moderating this topic. Starting now I need everyone to sign in with a real ID - no more annonymous or fake blogger names.

And for the record, I am not associated or part of any group nor am I an animal rights or environmental whacko. But I do believe I represent the majority of San Diegans (and our tourists) who like seeing the seals on the beach and believe we need to protect them further than what has already been done.

4RBeach said...
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Tony said...
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Local Wally said...

Sorry, no ID, no posting.