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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Kebab Shop Kicks Gyro's Ass

I just had a terrific lunch today, so good I wanted to share it with you right now in this quickie review.  The Kebab Shop caught my eye a few months ago in the Gaslamp District, right across the street from Cafe Chloe.  You know what that means - if you're with your wife, the romance of a French Bistro wins every time over a giant hunk of lamb spinning on a horizontal skewer.  Don't even try, there is no way in Hell you will convince your wife to go there. 

So how happy was I when a new Kebab Shop opened in my shopping center in Encinitas.  Today I am flying solo, my wife back to work to keep us in the Top 1%.  So there I was.

The "Döner Kebab" was what I had my eye on.  Now I will admit this, I had never had a Döner Kebab before, though I have eaten plenty of gyro sandwiches, which is kind of the same thing - only different.

I got mine with lamb, but you can get chicken or falafel, though I see no point in that.  You can also get it in sandwich format, or on a plate, or even in a box like it was Chinese food, but again, why?  The sliced meat was piled high on a flatbread that looked suspiciously like a flour tortilla and on went the sauce, the onions, the lettuce, the tomato, and it was all rolled up like, well, a burrito.

For less than $7 you get this giant rolled up meal.  But enough staring, let's take a bite and see how it is.

Oh yeah, this is really good.  The meat had a good spice on it and the tang of the sauce was just right.  I think you could easily split this for 2 but I ate it.  All of it.  Diet starts tomorrow now.  How does it compare to a Gyro?  It's better.  Way better because there's more meat than bread, plus it's burrito friendly to eat, unlike a gyro where you wear half of the sauce down your arm.  Frankly, after eating one of these there is simply no reason to ever go back to a gyro again.

If your experience with shaved meats spinning on giant horizontal skewers stops with places like Daphne's (which I call Crapne's), if you love gyros but hate the mess, if you agree that anything is better if wrapped like a burrito, then get in the car and head over to the Kebab Shop.  I love my wife, I love Cafe Chloe, but man do I ever love The Kebab Shop.


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