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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Search for the Perfect French Fry is Over!

Darn good fries at Blind Lady Ale House on Adams Ave. - but are these the best?
I love fries.  Seriously love them.  When I go to a restaurant if the entree says "with fries" I have to get it.  It could be donkey butt "with fries" and I would want it.

I've searched the world for the best fries.  Here's a short list of San Diego's notable spuds.

Third Corner, Encinitas:  A-
Comments:  Nice, thin and crispy with some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, which is good but sort of bugs me.

Cafe Chloe, Gaslamp:  B+
Comments:  Really great thin fries, but they get deducted a half point because you have to pay a buck extra for the dipping sauces now.

Islands, Various San Diego locations:  C-
Comments:  I don't understand why fries that look so good have no flavor.  They look like hand cut beauties, but taste like cardboard.

In N Out:  B
Comments:  Like Mom used to make, which is both good and bad.  I do love the flavor, but they can get a bit limp at times because they don't double fry them.

So I love fries, but I also love beer and San Diego has a ton of local breweries, like Lost Abbey in San Marcos.  I found myself surrounded by a bunch of little glasses of beer but something caught my eye.  What is that???  French Fries???

Yes, right outside the brewery on Saturdays is a food stand called Belgium Delights.  They make things like waffles and brioche, but it was the fries that were getting all the attention.  These are not French fries but rather Belgian fries, double cooked for a creamy interior and a super crispy exterior.  Served with Aioli, a garlicky mayonnaise based dipping sauce.  OK, catsup if you want it, but why would you with fries this good?  One crunchy bite and I was sold.  These are great fries, on par with the best I've ever had.  They're cooked to order, rendering each order hot and fresh, and there ain't nothing better than a French Fry right out of the oil.

Best fries in San Diego?  Absolutely!  The crispy crunch, the creamy texture inside, $4 gets you a small cone that's big enough to share, but $6 gets you a large that let's you share without those mean thoughts in your head about how the person next to you is eating all your fries.  My only sadness was that I'd have to wait another week to get them.

But wait!  The next day I found myself at the Leucadia Farmers Market, open every Sunday from 10 to 2.  Whoa, look whose here!  It's a dream come true!  Need.  More.  Fries.

OK, yes, I ate half of them before I remembered to take a photo but that's how good these are.  Look at them, all crispy, golden brown and delicious!

And here they are, the people behind the Best Fries in San Diego.  You see them, you should bow down like Queen Elizabeth is looking you straight in the eye and say "One large order please, with aioli sauce".  And don't hesitate - go to Lost Abbey on Saturday, go to the Leucadia Farmers Market on Sunday, go get these fries!  You won't regret it.

Thank you Belgium Delights. There's a special place in heaven for you, right next to the deep fryer.  I'll be first in line. Every day.

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Anonymous said...

Love crispy fries with soft centers.

Local Wally said...

I went back to the Leucadia Farmers Market and had their waffle and it was incredible. And some fries. Yes, damn good / best in the world. These guys are worth seeking out. I don't care if you live in Santee, come to Leucadia on Sunday and get these fries!