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Friday, July 1, 2011

Late Night Burrito at Juanita's Taco Shop


Don't be scared.  I know this place on Highway 101 in Leucadia looks scary with the bars on the windows.  I know you've read the reports of fights outside late at night.  And yes, I have seen with my own eyes the health rating in the window showing a less than perfect score.  But you have to try this place.

The menu has all the classics, as well as a few you might not know, but the real draw here is the carnitas, succulent tender pork.  During the day there's a line outside the door it's so good.  But it's late so let's just order and dive in. 

Munch on a few hot carrots while you wait.  They even have sandwich bags next to this tub so you can take some home.  Is my order ready?

Yup, let's cut these open and see what's inside.  Man, these are big burritos!

Carne Asada!  OK, it was pretty good.  The flour tortilla was nice and fresh and had a good chew to it, the meat and filling good, though perhaps a bit underseasoned.  We got these super late at night so perhaps it's not their best representation, but while very good I think the carne asada burrito at Roberto's is better. 

Step aside carne asada and make room for the Carnitas!  One bite and it's love all over again, the meat so tasty and flavorful.  A squeeze of lime, top it with some salsa, and this is the burrito to beat.  Is there a better meal for around 4 bucks anywhere?  Isn't that about what a Happy Meal costs these days?

So here's your weekend assignment.  Look for this sign.  Stop.  Get carnitas burrito. Is this a great country or what?

Happy Fourth of July Weekend from Local Wally!

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