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Monday, March 7, 2011

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Junk at Kobey's Swap Meet

Every few years - OK, maybe every few decades - I get this wild urge to go to Kobey's Swap Meet at the Sports Arena parking lot.  The last time I went must have been 1987.  I remembered it as a giant parking lot of trash one step away from the actual city dump.  But fast forward to 2011 and now this junk is priceless Vintage finds!  Ahhh, put that word vintage on anything and people want it like it's gold.  Old records, the same ones I threw away, now vintage!  Mr. Coffee, vintage!  So I bought a shovels worth of peanuts in the shell and started wandering around, the smell of Phil's BBQ across the street wafting through the air, taunting me and mocking me at the same time.  Go away Phil, I'm on a mission.

Well, I don't know.  I was having some serious regrets over this.  I know it was only a buck to get in - Wait, even less with this 2 for 1 coupon - but that little man in my head started buzzing with "didn't I tell you never to go back?"  This is the same man who tells me to stop going to the Del Mar Fair that I ignore every year.  Let's dive a bit deeper.  Before I forget, these peanuts are really good!

So you need a car radio?  How about that cool one with the sliding equalizer?  Wait, is that a CB radio???  10-4, baby!  OMG, my car is going to be so rocking once I get one of these babies installed - where's my Supertramp tape?  Wait a second - isn't that push button radio the same one that got ripped off out of my Datsun B210 in 1981???  Hey, there's no return policy?  Really?

Holy cow, I really wanted that Carver cassette player back in college.  I couldn't afford it then but now I can!  Should I get it, should I?

Or should I go reel to reel?  I could really impress my friends with one of these.  I'm serious, these old relics are pretty cool.  I predict they will be the new rage in 2011.  Why not?  Did you ever think flared pants would come back? 

My wife had me digging through these jewels until my hands were as black as a coal miners, then decided she didn't want any of this junk anyway.  Such fun.  Listen, do you hear music?

Well, these guys were actually pretty damn good with their Bo Diddly beat.  And how cool is it that when it's time to move on that his guitar becomes his actual suitcase?  Yeah, these guys should go on American Idol or something. I'd vote for them.  I was starting to think that maybe I didn't waste that $.50 cents afterall. 

In the end we didn't buy anything and I got to check off Kobey's for another decade or so.  But I might go back sooner - if just for the peanuts.


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