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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Week as Wally, Part 2: Happy Wallydays

A lot of people tell me "Wow, you have a great job as Local Wally" and they're right.  I get to run around San Diego (and Napa Valley) doing cool things and eating great food.  Of course, the pay is dismal but the benefits are terrific!
If you remember the weekend before Thanksgiving, it was wet and gloomy.  In other words, a good time to go down to The Third Corner in Encinitas for a bit of winetasting.  The wines were OK, but the food was great.  Want to see it?
After that the sun came out a bit so we walked around the Encinitas Street Fair and ducked into a few shops.  There's something so cool about living in a beach town.  I'm not bragging, just stating a fact.
Small town Encinitas hasn't changed much in 50 years.
Eclectic shops along Highway 101.

The next day the sun was out in full force.  Now this is San Diego!  We drove to the coast and spotted tons of dolphins in the surf.  No, you can't really see them in this shot but you can pretend.
The Cardiff Kook
I love the gay surfer statue in Cardiff.  Today he is wearing a red bra and skirt and carrying a bag of goodies.  I don't see why the guy who created this statue is so ticked off all the time that locals dress her, I mean him, up.  But I'm hungry so let's go somewhere special since it's so sunny.
How about the Beach House, upstairs on the patio?  OK, so the food is a bit overpriced and but the view more than makes up for it.  Let's see how it looks behind me.
I told you the view was good.  You have to check this place out next time you're in the area.  Downstairs you sit right next to the sand and they have some pretty good deals at sunset time.

But the day wasn't over yet.  We had to take Andy the terror terrier out or there would be Hell to pay, so off to the dog park down the road for a bit of romping as the sun set.  But what's for dinner?
Ummm, how about some Prime Rib with a horseradish crust?  I know it looks extravagant but I got this for $3.99 a pound at Stater Bros supermarket so it was a nice indulgence.  Andy got the bones and later threw them up, and that caps off the day.
The next day I made tamales.  What, you don't know how to make tamales?  Well, someday I'll show you.  It's easier than you think, though there is a code that tamale makers follow that says you must moan and groan about how hard they are to make. 
"No, No!  Calm Down!!  Bad Boy!!!  Be Good!!!!"
This is Andy acting up.  He is a complete idiot in the kitchen, grabbing potholders and running like Darren Sproles from the Chargers.  He does not being told NO.  Look at him!
But just to show you that we don't have the worst dog in the world, here he is being good.

STICK WITH ME.... There's more coming of the Adventures of Local Wally!  SPOILER ALERT!  Balboa Park!

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